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Trick or Treat

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

Emily and Tristan from St James' School answered the whole problem as follows:

I think the solution to this problem is that the most likly one to pick out is the mice because there are 9 mice and only 5 frogs and 4 worms, also to pick out at least one of each you would need to pick out 15 sweets because the first 9 could be mice and the next 5 you pick out could be frogs and after that you're definitely going to pick out a worm. As well as that if Trixie picked out a mouse there would still be 8 mice left so her brother is still more likely to pick out a mouse.

Well done to Connor from Eastwood Primary, pupils at Girton Glebe Primary, and Samm for also getting all or parts of the solution correct.