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Number Detective

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Six Is the Sum

What do the digits in the number fifteen add up to? How many other numbers have digits with the same total but no zeros?


In the multiplication calculation, some of the digits have been replaced by letters and others by asterisks. Can you reconstruct the original multiplication?

Spell by Numbers

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

Here are some clues to help if you are stuck...

  • $A, E, H$ and $T$ are evenly divisible by $2$
  • $G, I, P$ and $U$ are not evenly divisible by $2$
  • $T$ and $U$ are square numbers
  • $T$ has twice the value $A$ but only half the value of $H$
  • $P$ is only half of $E$ but three times $S$
  • $G$ is greater than $I$