STEP Induction Questions

Age 16 to 18
The table below shows some STEP questions that have elements which can be solved using induction.
STEP past papers can be accessed here.
It is best to have a go at questions, and perhaps leave them and come back to them if you get stuck.
Do not look at answers or hints before really getting stuck in!
We have provided a worked answer to one of the questions, with some hints in red. This is not a 'model solution' or 'perfect answer'; it was written by a student to give you an idea of what a 'good' solution to a question might look like. More of these will be appearing on the site in the next few weeks, so get into the habit of trying questions for yourself before making sense our offered solution and then going back to try the question again. This really is the best way to prepare for STEP.

Year Paper Question number Worked answer
2002 II 3 -
2003 II 3 -
2005 III 4 -
2006 II 2 -
2006 III 8 -
2007 II 5 -
2007 III 3 -
2008 III 5 -
2009 III 7 2009_III_7
2010 III 7 -
2011 III 7 -