This Puzzling Sweet Shop

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

Kaylee J sent us answers to the Puzzling Sweet Shop problem:

Rosie can buy:
One lollypop and one mini egg.
One chocko bar, one mini egg and one chew.

Are there any other combinations of sweets Rosie can buy? Let us know if you think there are.

Kaylee goes on to answer the rest of the questions:

Leo bought two mini eggs.  I know this because this is the only combination of sweets which add up to 20c where she bought at least one set of every sweet.

Kai bought 4 chocko bars.  I know this because it is the only sweet that has a price that can divide into 20c exactly where chews are not included.

Sara bought 2 chocko bars, one lollypop and a mini egg.

Harry bought one chocko bar, one mini egg and 6 chews.

There may be some other sweets that Henry could buy too. Jessica suggests 4 chews and 4 mini eggs. I wonder if there are any other combinations?