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This challenge asks you to investigate the total number of cards that would be sent if four children send one to all three others. How many would be sent if there were five children? Six?

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Practice Run

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

Chandrika was practising a long distance run she was going to do next week.

In the first 10 minutes she ran well over 2 kilometres.
In the second 10 minutes she jogged just half that distance.
In the third 10 minutes she walked just half as far.
In the fourth 10 minutes she dawdled only half of that and so on.

Well, in theory at least, she would never have quite reached the end, but it happened that right at the end of a 10 minute stretch, exactly one metre from the finishing post, Chandrika tripped and fell forward over the line.

How long was the race to be and how long did Chandrika take doing it?