STEM Teacher Inspiration Days, 2012-13

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We planned three free STEM Teacher Inspiration Days in 2012-13.

Dates: Friday 7 December 2012, Wednesday 17 April 2013 and Thursday 4 July 2013.

Venue: University of Cambridge, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge CB3 0WA

Interactive plenary session
The free NRICH STEM Teacher Inspiration professional development programme is for Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 mathematics, science and technology teachers who are committed to enhancing mathematical links across STEM subjects within their school. The aim is to help teachers nurture confident, resourceful and enthusiastic learners with a deeper understanding of the fundamental links between mathematics, science and technology. 

The programme is delivered by the NRICH team at the University of Cambridge. NRICH has developed new secondary stemNRICH resources for Key Stage 3 and 4, to complement and extend the existing stemNRICH - Advanced resources at Key Stage 5.  Thanks to generous support from the Clothworkers' Foundation we are able to offer free places to Key Stage 3, 4 or 5 mathematics, science and technology teachers from any school or college in the UK.

Each day will start at 10am (with registration from 9.30am) and end at 4pm. Each day will be highly interactive, with a mixture of plenary sessions and hands-on workshops. 

STEM workshopThe three days will be linked. Schools are therefore encouraged to send at least one subject specialist to all of the three days (attendance may be shared across departments, with one teacher attending the first day, a colleague the second day etc). However, as the three days are intended to stand alone, schools may alternatively choose to send one or more different specialists to a single day. See below for more detail on the focus for each day.

Further information about the days is given below:

Friday 7 December 2012

Starting out with STEM: This day was focussed on activities such as planning a new STEM club, joining up the thinking in your classroom, or re-energising STEM in your school.

Resources from the first STEM Teacher Inspiration Day

Wednesday 17 April 2013

STEM: raising the profile: This day focused on special STEM events - a topic started in one department one term, taken into another in the next term, and so on; STEM as a focus for a day or week off timetable;  STEM collaboration with feeder primary schools.

Resources from the second STEM teacher Inspiration Day

Thursday 4 July 2013

Embedding STEM in the curriculum: Moving on from the STEM club and the special event to thinking through how STEM
can become part of regular classroom practice.


Keynote speaker:
Alf Coles, University of Bristol: Teaching As If The Planet Matters
Alf says: 'In this session you will be invited to consider how issues related to sustainability and the environment could be woven into your teaching. We will work on a range of activities and consider how they could be used and adapted.'

Alf is a senior lecturer in education at the University of Bristol. He spent 15 years teaching maths in secondary school, including 7 years as head of a maths department. He completed a PhD in 2011, analysing the teaching and learning of staff and students in the school where he worked. He is currently working on a project focused on tackling underachievement in primary school mathematics in collaboration with the charity 5x5x5=creativity and funded by the Rayne Foundation. He recently co-authored a book, "Teaching Mathematics as if the Planet Matters".

Details about the book, together with links to Alf's presentation and to the activities that he introduced, can be found here

Other resources from the third STEM Teacher Inspiration Day