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Seesaw Shenanigans

Age 3 to 7
Challenge Level

A group of animals has made a seesaw in the woods. How can you make the seesaw balance?

Two Halves

Age 3 to 5

This task provides children with the opportunity to investigate halving different shapes and check that they have made two halves.

Cooking with Children

Age 3 to 5

By following some simple recipes in this task, children can practise the skills of measuring and counting ingredients.


Age 3 to 5

Comparing the wrapped presents in this activity will give children the chance to explore and discuss weight, including the idea that large objects aren't necessarily the heaviest.

Making Caterpillars

Age 3 to 5

By making 'caterpillars' in this activity, children will have an opportunity to practise using language of length and width, as well as using non-standard measures to compare lengths.