Joint NACE/NRICH Ambassadors Project 2018-2019

Age 3 to 18 Challenge Level:
NRICH is working with NACE to expand the network of NRICH Ambassadors, volunteers who support the NRICH team by sharing their knowledge of NRICH resources within their settings and local area. 

Our three day Ambassadors programme is designed to allow delegates time to explore the vision behind the vast array of NRICH materials and ways to maximise their potential in the clasroom. After the programme has been completed, Ambassadors should feel confident using NRICH resources in their settings as well as supporting their colleagues too.

 Day 2: Wednesday 17th October 2018

NRICH Director Ems Lord led delegates through the vision behind NRICH's Habits of Mind materials. The resources address resilience, curiosity, thinking and collaboration. The resources were inspired by research highlighting the needs of future citizens, above and beyond examination requirements. Key texts include Habits of Mind (Cuoco et al., 1996)

We started the day by exploring NRICH's collaborative problem solving materials (CPS), especially the findings of a recent Nesta-funded  project exploring ways to adapt the materials in light of recently-identified barriers to effective CPS in the classroom.

Activties included:
Stringy Quads  - great for assessing use of mathematical langauge, adaptable for all key stages
5 Steps to 50 - a KS1 activity which can be extended for older ages by encouraging generalisation and use of a wider range of representations than number lines
What Shape? - an activity which encourages learners to value the quality, rather than quantity, of questions that they ask
Olympic Measures - this activity requires systematic working as well as valuing learning from other areas of the curriculum

The day continued by exploring our resilience materials  including the resilience ladder under development by NRICH - delegates were encouraged to consider ways to enhance its potential by identifying steps to move learners along the ladder

Activities included:
Factors and Multiples- a wonderful activity which led to a growing chain as we worked initially in pairs but then collaborated to extend its lenth further and far could we go?
Frogs - the activity suggests beginning with 5 frogs but learners can be encouraged to consider simplifying the activity to make the accessible by beginning with just 2 or 3 frogs - the interactive helps learners stay focused by counting their steps
Tower of Hanoi - a deceptively simple puzzle which can be extended across the age ranges

The day concluded by exploring ways that delegates disseminated the input from Day 1, focusing on the impact of their activities. This discussion will be continued in Day 3, when we will also explore two other Habits of Mind as well as the NRICH roadshow.

Gap tasks:
Explore ways to support learners move along the resilience ladder
Come to Day 3 prepared to discuss the impact of the programme so far

Day 1: Wednesday 2nd May 2018

On Day 1, we explored with Director of NRCH Ems Lord the stated aims of the school mathematics curriculum and compared them with the additional expectations represented by the rope model (Kilpatrick et al.) for teaching mathematics, especially the focus on developing positive attitudes towards mathematics as well as the importance of encouraging learners to develop their conjecturing and convincing skills.
The session focused on the reasoning,  exploring NRICH activities from across the key stages and exploring the stages in our Progression in Reasoning

Activities explored during the session included
Olympic Records -  a cross curricular activity which is suitable for a rnage of age-ranges
Sealed Solution - this resource has a range of solutions useful for supporting colleagues exploring progression in reasoning skills
Eggs in Baskets - another useful reasoning activity which has multiple approaches towards its solution

Gap tasks (to be completed by the 17th October)
To explore the NRICH website, focusing on the aspects covered in Day One
To explore the Live Problems on NRICH for your Key Stage/s. To try out relevant activities with your learners and consider sharing their solutions with NRICH by submitting using the online form. Come prepared on October 17th to share your experiences using the Live Problems with your learners.