The NRICH Maths Fair

Age 7 to 16

Hands on maths activitiesThe NRICH Maths Fair is a set of free, hands-on resources. They are designed to be set out simultaneously around a room for children to engage with and move around freely. However, they can be used in a variety of ways and settings, including at home with family members.

The activities have been chosen to help develop problem solving skills, curiosity and creativity whilst engaging and enthusing childen.

Each pack has activities suitable for the relevant age group and printable resources to be used with each one. Many of the activities require additional resources commonly found in a maths classroom such as counters, multi-link and dice.

The activities have been divided into three age-specific packs, each containing between 18 and 22 activities and the relevant printable resources. Click on the links below to download each one.

7-11 NRICH Maths Fair Pack
11-14 NRICH Maths Fair Pack
14-16 NRICH Maths Fair Pack

Full NRICH Maths Fair Pack (all three packs in one document)

We also have NRICH hands-on resources for 5-7 year-olds.

Learners using the Maths Fair resources at the Oxford University Maths Fest

Above you can see photos of the NRICH Maths Fair resources being used at the Oxford Maths Festival. To find out more about their amazing event, visit