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What's My Weight?

There are four equal weights on one side of the scale and an apple on the other side. What can you say that is true about the apple and the weights from the picture?

Whole Numbers Only

Can you work out how many of each kind of pencil this student bought?

Squaring the Circle

Bluey-green, white and transparent squares with a few odd bits of shapes around the perimeter. But, how many squares are there of each type in the complete circle? Study the picture and make an estimate.

A Jar of Teddies

Age 7 to 14 Challenge Level:
One way to improve your estimation is to start with a number that you know is too small, and one you know is too big, and then see if you can narrow it down from there.

Can you use the ruler in the picture to work out any useful measurements?

Does it help to work out the approximate volumes?