NQT Inspiration Day 10 July 2014

Age 3 to 18

Celebrate the end of your first year of teaching by joining us for a maths-filled day with the NRICH team!!

Aim of the day: To support NQTs in nurturing confident, resourceful and enthusiastic learners of mathematics in their schools.
As a result of attending this conference you will extend your understanding of how to support students to develop their skill in and enjoyment of problem solving.
You will also understand how to use rich tasks that support the three aims of the new National Curriculum in the classroom.

When: Thursday 10 July 2014
Time: 10.15 - 15.30 with coffee and registration from 9.45
Who: NQTs at the end of their first year of qualified teaching in school
Investment: £45 per delegate
Booking: Booking is now closed.
Where: Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge, CB3 0WA 

About the day: The day is a mix of plenary speaker sessions and workshops. It will be highly interactive and will respond to the issues and concerns identified by delegates. We will:
  • explore what is meant by rich tasks that support problem solving
  • understand how to embed them in the mathematics lesson
  • become familiar with the extensive resources available on the NRICH site
  • discuss and debate effective practice with others
9.45 -  10.15 Registration and coffee
10.15 -  10.30   Welcome plenary
10.30 -  12.00 Workshop 1: KS1, 2, 3, 4 parallel workshops (includes working coffee break)
Taking the fear factor out of rich tasks that promote problem solving: supporting the three aims of the National Curriculum.
12.00  - 13.00 Keynote plenary: Mike Askew
13.00  - 13.45 Lunch
13.45  - 15.30 Workshop 2: EY, KS1, 2, 3, 4, 5 parallel workshops (includes working tea break)
Embedding problem solving in our classrooms - engaging all learners. These workshops will build on the messages of the morning.

About our keynote speaker:
Mike Askew says:
"I'm interested in seeing mathematics differently. I believe that mathematical activity can be engaging and enjoyable for all learners. My teaching, speaking and researching are concerned with making maths a creative endeavour that helps learners understand more about themselves as well as the world.
I'm keen on community building in mathematics classrooms and exploring how cooperative activity supports individual learning. I'm exploring how games and techniques from improvisational drama can be adapted to maths to support community building.
I'm particularly interested in making research findings on teaching and learning accessible to teachers. I like going back into classrooms to teach and check out research findings for myself."

Mike Askew was formerly Professor of Primary Education, Monash University, Melbourne and before that Professor of Mathematics Education, King's College London. He is widely regarded, internationally, as one of the leading experts on primary mathematics education. He is also a skilled magician.

Workshop leaders: The NRICH team at the University of Cambridge. The team are mathematics specialists who are committed to enriching the experience of the mathematics curriculum for all learners.

Background information:
NRICH was established in 1996 and aims to:
• Enrich mathematical experiences for all learners.
• Offer challenging and engaging activities.
• Develop mathematical thinking and problem solving skills.
• Show mathematics in meaningful contexts.
• Enrich the experience of the mathematics curriculum.

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