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What Shape for Two

Age 7 to 14
Challenge Level
Here's a game to play with an adult!


How do you play? 

You will need an adult to play with.
You'll also need the set of shape cards.
Spread them out on the table so that you can both see the shapes.

The adult looks at the cards and secretly chooses one.
Your job is to ask questions to find out which card has been chosen. 
When you think you have worked out which shape the adult has chosen, point to it.
If you're right, you could swap roles.
If you're wrong, keep going!
Notes for adults
This game is all about the languge of shape and postion. 

Easier version: restrict the number of cards used. You might want to talk in advance about the sort of questions it would be helpful to ask. 

Harder version: use the full range of cards. 

At the end of the game talk about what proved to be good questions and less good questions. You could keep a note of how many questions were needed and see if you could reduce the number in subsequent games. 

There's a group version of this game here.