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Single Track

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

This one needed a lot of patience, but Josh cracked it.

Train A reverses and allows Train B to pull forward.

Train B reverses up the siding and leaves carriages B3 and B 4 there.

Train B then pulls back on the main line and reverses.

Engine A then goes into the siding and reverses with carriages B3 and B4, taking them on the main line.

Engine B with carriage B1 and B2 then pulls forward far enough so it can reverse on to the siding.

Engine A then goes forward across the siding pushing carriages B3 and B4 in front and pulling A1, A2, A3 and A4 behind.

Engine B then pulls out of the siding with carriages B1 and B2 and goes forwards down the track.

Engine A then reverses, pushes carriages B3 and B4 into the siding, leaves them there, reverses back on the main rack and pulls forward.

Engine B then reverses into the siding with carriages B1 and B2 and picks up carriages B3 and B4.