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There are to be 6 homes built on a new development site. They could be semi-detached, detached or terraced houses. How many different combinations of these can you find?


This challenge is to design different step arrangements, which must go along a distance of 6 on the steps and must end up at 6 high.

Train Carriages

Suppose there is a train with 24 carriages which are going to be put together to make up some new trains. Can you find all the ways that this can be done?

Briefcase Lock

Age 5 to 7 Challenge Level:

Josh from Befordshire says:

There are six combinations possible. Because there are three different numbers, you multiply $3$ by $2$ and then by $1$, which makes $6$.

Joshua says:

I think the answer is six combinations and how I did it was I wrote down all the correct combinations:







Jianmin (Henry Park Primary, Singapore) agrees with six combinations, using $3$ x $2$ x $1$.