Supporting Highly Able Mathematicians - Books for KS1-2

Age 5 to 11
Article by Legacy Import

Published 2011

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The Number Devil

Hans Magnus Enzenberger

Young Robert's dreams have taken a decided turn for the weird. Instead of falling down holes and such, he's visiting a bizarre magical land of number tricks with the number devil as his host. Starting at one and adding zero and all the rest of the numbers, Robert and the number devil use giant furry calculators, piles of coconuts, and endlessly scrolling paper to introduce basic concepts of numeracy, from interesting number sequences to exponents to matrices.


365 Penguins

Jean-Luc Fromental and Joelle Jolivet

The family in "365 Penguins" find a penguin mysteriously delivered to their door for every day of the year. At first they're cute, but with every passing day, the penguins pile up - along with the family's problems. Feeding, cleaning and housing the penguins becomes a monumental task. They're noisy, smelly and they always hog the bathroom! And who on earth is sending these squawking birds? In a large format and with lots of opportunities for counting, "365 Penguins" is sure to become a perennial wintertime favourite with lots of maths to do along the way.