The NRICH postcards are shown below, listed roughly in order of difficulty, including the 'stage' of the problem on which the postcard is based. The problem itself can be accessed by clicking on the letter. Click on the name of the problem to see a larger version.
Please note that we have now run out of all the primary (KS1 and 2) postcards. To order copies of the KS3 and 4 designs, please fill in this form. Please note that we can only send postcards to addresses within the UK.
The postcards are free and we'll send them out without charge, but if you are requesting a large number and would like to make a  contribution towards postage costs we would be very grateful for your support. You can make an online donation to NRICH via the University of Cambridge's Development Office by choosing the Millennium Mathematics Project (the family of activities  of which NRICH is part) as the recipient.

Stage 1 (A) - Hundred Square

Sorry no longer available

(B) - Lots of Lollies

Sorry no longer available

Stage 2 (C) - A Puzzling Cube

Sorry no longer available

(D) - Torn Shapes

Sorry no longer available

Stage 3 (E) - Isosceles Triangle

(F) - Route to Infinity

Stage 4 (G) - Spotting The Loophole


We also have five postcards we are no longer printing, but by clicking on the links below you can print them for yourself.

Stage 3 Keep Your Distance

Squares, Squares and More Squares

Stage 3 Two's Company

Think of Two Numbers

Stage 4 Just Opposite



Mrs Melrose, a teacher st St Leonard's Primary, East Kilbride got in touch with us to explain how she used the postcards:
"I am writing to thank you for the class sets of free postcards you sent me. I decided to send them home as a homework task. The children loved the idea of maths homework being presented in this new, fun format and were keen to show me their solutions the following morning. Many now access the NRICH website at home and enjoy the challenging online interactive problems. I will be using these postcards again to continue stimulating interest in problem solving at home."