Engaging Mathematics for All Learners

This project is funded by the QCA. In describing the rationale for the project the QCA says:

"In developing the new secondary curriculum with its aims of: successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens, the mathematics programmes of study have undergone significant changes. These were informed by the Smith report (2004) 'Making mathematics count' and research that suggests a curriculum which focuses on developing process skills is more likely to develop positive attitudes towards learning."

NRICH's role in the project is to develop examples that show how schools can make this shift in emphasis by using NRICH materials.

Those schools involved have been asked to help us to create a case study which reflects the journey they make as they integrate NRICH tasks into their everyday classroom practice.

Different models are being developed by each of the nine schools we are currently working with. Each model reflects the needs of the staff and pupils involved. There is no sense that "one size fits all" and our aim is that there will be something in the case studies that meets the needs of your school.

Models for the case studies all utilise to some level the curriculum mapping documents on NRICH.

The case studies are being developed over the period from July 2008 to March 2009. Two of the case studies will also form the focus of a Teachers' TV programme.