Integrating Rich Tasks - Activity 4.3

Age 5 to 11
Article by Jennifer Piggott

Published 2011 Revised 2016

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Assessing your embedding of rich tasks into the curriculum: Thinking about what to do next

Build on your experiences, adding in new material and trying it out. Using the mapping documents can ensure a range of experiences for your pupils. It is not enough to employ a concept or process once, you will need to revisit these again and again, each time thinking about how the pupils will develop. For example, when considering problem-solving skills, pupils will develop in different ways, such as:

  • Becoming more independent with you having to do less supporting in order for them to think of ideas of their own.
  • Applying more sophisticated content knowledge
  • Being more equipped to talk about their mathematics
  • More able to apply what they know in less familiar settings
  • Better able to make connections with things they have done before
  • Showing greater sophistication and organisation in their recording methods.
How does your scheme of work allow this to happen?

The important thing to do is:

Reflect - evaluate - modify if necessary

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