Integrating Rich Tasks - Activity 4.2

Age 5 to 11
Article by Jennifer Piggott

Published 2011

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Assessing your embedding of rich tasks into the curriculum: Evaluating a theme

Undertaking the same sort of observation/reflection activity as you did in Activity 4.1 for individual lessons or a group of lessons is an important part of evaluating the success of a theme or series of linked lessons within a gven topic. In addition however, you need to look at the group of lessons more holistically.

To do this you will need to consider:
  • the aims or learning objectives for this group of lessons including:
    • what content you were hoping to cover
    • what using and applying/problem-solving skills you were hoping to address
    • what connections you were hoping to make
    • which aims were met/not met. Try to describe why and, where appropriate, how things might be improved. This might involve being more realistic about your aims or thinking of other ways in which you might approach the theme or support pupils whilst working on a theme.
  • how the pupils responded over all:
    • did they enjoy it?
    • did they reach the level of working you expected?
    • did the work cater for their individual needs (were the support and extension ideas and materials appropriate)?
Then update your planning documents:
  • How you will modify the theme in future? This might involve removing it from your scheme of work or revising the 'what teachers do' sheet and lesson plan.
  • List your recommended next steps. Include key points for colleagues who might try the same theme themselves.
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