Integrating Rich Tasks - Activity 4.1

Age 5 to 11
Article by Jennifer Piggott

Published 2011

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Assessing your embedding of rich tasks into the curriculum: Peer observation

Having started to embed rich tasks into your scheme of work you will need to:
  • assess what works and what does not
  • make decisions on how to extend your mapping
  • consider what further support you might need
This Activity, along with Activities 4.2 and 4.3 are designed to help you with the above.

The best way to go about evaluating and reviewing a particular lesson is to work with a colleague. However, what is suggested here can be used as a means of self-reflection. Before the lesson you will need to prepare:
E ither use this opportunity to do some peer observation, with a colleague using the prepared observation/reflection sheet, or during and after the lesson use the sheet to jot down some notes of your own.

Discuss or reflect on:
  • what was successful
  • what you would do differently next time
  • what key things pupils did that could be highlighted or drawn out more in future
Use this to inform planning for next time.

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