Integrating Rich Tasks - Activity 2.2

Age 5 to 11
Article by Jennifer Piggott

Published 2011 Revised 2016

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'HOTting up' your existing classroom materials

So far we have given you activities to work with that are on the NRICH website. However, you probably have many activities you use in your own lessons that have the potential to be rich, or richer. The aim of this activity is to draw your attention to those problems and think about how you can use them to develop higher-order thinking skills and problem-solving skills, and what you might do to support this in the classroom.

You will need the following resources:

What teachers do - master template sheet: WhatTeachersDoMaster.doc
Notes you made during the second task in Activity 1.2

What to do:

This links to the work on higher-order thinking skills and the last Activity (2.1 ) on rich tasks. Here the aim is for us to think about what we can do as teachers with problems we already use. The emphsis is on what we do in the classroom rather than adjusting the problem itself as we did inActivity 1.2.

Retrieve your jottings from the second task in Activity 1.2 and then, working in a pair, consider what you would do to as a teacher to support this problem. Use the blank template (WhatTeachersDoMaster.doc ) and the ideas of Activity 2.1 (where we did a similar task for Magic V's) to help.

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