Integrating Rich Tasks - Activity 1.3

Age 5 to 11
Article by Jennifer Piggott

Published 2011

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What is meant by higher-order thinking skills (HOTS)?

This task, and the one following it, builds on the previous set of activities ( 1.2 ).

You will need the following resources:

Bloom taxonomy descriptor cards: Bloom-descriptors.doc


  • Bloom's taxonomy is a hierarchy of skills that reflects growing complexity and ability to use higher-order thinking skills. The descriptions of the skills are listed in Bloom-descriptors.doc . Try to put them in order of complexity. When you have done this, and discussed what you think are the most challenging activites, you might wish to look at the pyramid of skills known as Bloom's taxonomy in this NRICH article .
  • Think of a lesson you have recently given - what level of thinking were you expecting of your pupils?

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