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Three Spinners

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

This is a number spinner. When you spin it, it can land on any number from one to ten.

Here are three more number spinners with ten numbers on them. But you cannot see what the numbers are.
three spinners

I spun the red one $15$ times and got these numbers:

list of numbers
I spun the blue one $15$ times and the yellow one $15$ times and got these numbers:

list of numberslist of numbers

Then I did the same things again twice over. I got these numbers, but forgot to note which numbers came from which spinner:

lists of numbers

Can you work out which spinner generated each list? How did you do it?

We could call the numbers on the first spinner "Numbers from one to ten".

Can you think of a title for the set of numbers on the red spinner?

Can you think of titles for the sets of numbers on the blue and the yellow spinners?