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Sea Level

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

We had some good solutions in for this challenge. Here is one from Heathfield house School sent in by Aran.

1. 6M
2. 3M
3. -7M
4. 6M
5. 7M
6. 7M
7. 4M
8. 9M
9. 4M

Which was quite accurate and shows that the right idea was used. Thomas from St. Lukes had similar answers and was a little more accurate.

1. 6
2. 3
3. -8
4. 7 metres down
5. 7 metres down
6. 5 metres down
7. 3m
8. 8m up
9. 4m up

Well done to you both and thank you for sending them in.

Finally we had an email from Maisy Kate showing some further questions she had thought of. Here they are:

1. How far is the octopus to the water level?
2. How far is the yellow fish to the sea-weed nearest the water level?
3. How far is the sea-horse to where the light shines?
4. How far is the lowest mark to the sea level?
5. How far apart is the crab's claw and the point of the cloud?

Ben, from JESS School in Dubai also sent in some questions of his own:

How far is it from the sword fish to the cloud?
How far down is the octopus?
How far is it from the seaweed to the seagull?

Thank you, Ben!