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Moira is late for school. What is the shortest route she can take from the school gates to the entrance?

Simple Train Journeys

How many different journeys could you make if you were going to visit four stations in this network? How about if there were five stations? Can you predict the number of journeys for seven stations?

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This train line has two tracks which cross at different points. Can you find all the routes that end at Cheston?

How Many Pieces This Time?

Age 5 to 7 Challenge Level:

You decided that there is one piece of string used in the left-hand loop and two pieces used in the right hand loop below:

And then you thought that there was one piece of string used in the left-hand loop and three used in the right-hand picture below:

Not many of you explained how you knew, though. Here is what Lydia from Rickling C of E Primary said:

I decided this by following a bit of string. It ended completing the picture. I did this for all the others. Some of them ended without finishing the picture so I followed another bit. Then this finished the picture so there must be 2. I did this for all the others.

Well done also to Thea from John Young Elementary School, Luke from St Patrick's School and Olivia from Clitheroe Royal Grammar School who also told us how they went about doing this problem.