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Consecutive Numbers

An investigation involving adding and subtracting sets of consecutive numbers. Lots to find out, lots to explore.

Tea Cups

Place the 16 different combinations of cup/saucer in this 4 by 4 arrangement so that no row or column contains more than one cup or saucer of the same colour.

Counting on Letters

The letters of the word ABACUS have been arranged in the shape of a triangle. How many different ways can you find to read the word ABACUS from this triangular pattern?

9 Weights

Age 11 to 14
Challenge Level

For the first part of the question, what can you say about the weights on the platform that goes down?
If it balances, what can you say about the weights that haven't been placed on the balance?

For the last part, try to ensure that whatever the outcome of a weighing, you learn a lot about the weights.