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Sounds Great!

Stage: 1 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

Ashwin answered the first part of the question:

The largest donkey has the longest noise and the smallest donkey has the shortest noise.
The largest owl has the longest noise and the smallest owl has the shortest noise.

Thomas and William from Great Dunlow Primary looked at the second part of the problem. To hear two owl "twittwoos" and four donkey "eeyores":

Put two donkeys in two spaces and one owl in the third space.Then spin the wheel at any speed (it won't make any difference) and spin the wheel twice.

Mikey from Mason Middle School then says:

You can hear donkey, owl repeating if you leave one blank.

Well done, Mikey - you would have to put an owl and a donkey on the wheel with a space then turn it several times. Thank you all for your solutions.