Excel Interactive Resource: Fraction Addition & Fraction Subtraction

Age 11 to 16
Challenge Level

Please note the Excel files in this section use the LCM & GCD functions which require Analysis ToolPak to have been installed as part of Excel.
Adding fractions

The Excel files Fraction Addition and Fraction Subtraction could be used simply to demonstrate and explain addition and subtraction of fractions, however, practice and reinforcement can frequently be accomplished successfully, and abler pupils better motivated, if an approach of differentiation by challenge is adopted. This means that the same resource is used with all children but the challenge is varied for children at different stages of understanding.

A suitable challenge for pupils who were becoming secure with the basic concept of addition or subtraction of fractions would be:

Find two fractions that add up to 5/6 , which are not sixths, or add up to 9/10, but not tenths, etc.

With children in pairs, each pupil can then invent similar puzzles for their partner.

What about adds up to 7/15 but not fifteenths? Explore what can and can't be done and why.

Create similar challenges for subtraction.