Excel Interactive Resource: the up and Down Game

Age 11 to 16
Challenge Level

Firstly here's the Excel file: The Up & Down Game . Right-click, "Save Target As", and select where you want the file to be saved.
Up and Down game
The increment buttons (spinners) change the total up or down by 2, 7, 3, or 5. You can find out about spinners here .

The aim of the game is to make the total a multiple of 10.

Each player has the use of two buttons. On their turn they select one of the two buttons, and move the total up or down.

The first player to hit a multiple of 10 five times wins.

The button numbers can be changed : just click on the number you want to change, type a replacement value and press Enter.

Make up your own rules. For example each player could choose one of their own numbers and one number for their opponent.

The Up & Down Game uses conditional formatting with a formula. This is discussed in the technique notes here .