Making Maths: Link-a-cube

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

  • First make 3 strips of light card, each four squares long.
  • Draw six pictures or put a stamp in some of the squares, as shown below.

  • Fold along the lines and make nice sharp creases - keeping your pictures on the outside.
  • Start with the strip that has only one picture on it and join the ends with sticky-tape. (Hint: it's easier if you squash it flat on the table while putting the tape on).
  • Now take the strip with 2 pictures on it and link it through the first strip - just like you're making a paper chain. Join the ends of the second strip with sticky-tape.
  • Last, put the strip with 3 pictures through the second strip, and tape the ends.
  • You should now have a chain with 3 square links in it.
Now by turning and gently pushing the links inside each other, make a cube .
Can you make a cube with a picture on every face?
Can you make all the pictures hide away inside the cube?