Making Maths: Boat Folding

This boat design has come from Hungary. The steps for folding it were worked out by unfolding an information sheet handed out by an Hungarian publishing company!

  1. Fold a rectangular sheet of paper in half, then half again. Open the last fold.
    Step 1

  2. With the fold at the top, fold each top corner down along the centre line.
    Step 2

    This is the FRONT.
  3. Fold the bottom strips up - one to the front and one behind.
    Step 3

  4. Fold the four little corner flaps down along the slope - two in front and two behind.
    Step 4

  5. Now you have all the creases needed to make the boat. Open it out to the rectangle folded just once. Turn it to the FRONT.
    Step 5

  6. Fold one big flap up in front and one up behind. From one end, it will look something like this. Fold the little back flap over.
    Step 6

  7. Turn the FRONT to face you. Now fold triangle flaps down like you did back in step 2. As you try to do this, the back will pull up to make a sort of boat shape with a triangular 'sail' sticking up.
    Step 7

  8. Now fold up the front flap and tuck it in. Finished!

    Step 8