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LOGO Challenge - the Humble Square

Look at how the pattern is built up - in that way you will know how to break the final pattern down into more manageable pieces.

LOGO Challenge - the Logic of LOGO

Just four procedures were used to produce a design. How was it done? Can you be systematic and elegant so that someone can follow your logic?

First Forward Into Logo 1: Square Five

A Short introduction to using Logo. This is the first in a twelve part series.

LOGO Challenge 4 - Squares to Procedures

Age 11 to 16 Challenge Level:
You can create several procedures for different objects and combine them:
Here is a procedure for a square (called "sq"):
To sq
REPEAT 4 [FD 40 RT 90]

And, here is a procedure for an equilateral triangle:
To tri
REPEAT 3 [FD 40 RT 120]

Here is a procedure for a "house"!
To house
sq FD 40 RT 30 tri

See if you can produce some patterns based on "sq" and "tri" using procedures.
The biggest challenge is to be able to tell the turtle how to get to the right place pointing in the right direction to join shapes together in the way you intended.
Can you write a procedure to produce a row of houses?