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Top Coach

Stage: 3 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

Emily, Lauren, Kathryn, Amelia, Amy and Kahlia from Ardingly College had some success with their training regime.They were close to the optimum training regime. However their crew would have had even more success if they'd done a little more work.

Congratulations to Emily from St Peters Anglican Primary School, Simon from Kent School, Sione from Cannons Creek Intermediate School, Joel from the Anglo-Chinese School, Marko from Acton High School, Syke and Melissa from St. Michael's School who all identified the optimum training regime.

Joel mentioned how he arrived at the solution:

I would race the other team until I found out their record, then find the best training regime to train my crew to break their record. If your record breaks their record, you will win the race. My record was 24.9 seconds.

Emily added:

I think this is the answer because I beat red 5 times in a row.

Simon came to the conclusion that this training regime

gave you about a 90% chance of beating the red team.

Well done to you all.