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Pythagorean Golden Means

Show that the arithmetic mean, geometric mean and harmonic mean of a and b can be the lengths of the sides of a right-angles triangle if and only if a = bx^3, where x is the Golden Ratio.

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About Pythagorean Golden Means

What is the relationship between the arithmetic, geometric and harmonic means of two numbers, the sides of a right angled triangle and the Golden Ratio?

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Classical Means

Use the diagram to investigate the classical Pythagorean means.

Mean Geometrically

Age 16 to 18 Challenge Level:

$O$ is the centre of a circle with $A$ and $B$ two points NOT on a diameter. The tangents to $A$ and $B$ intersect at $C$. $CO$ cuts the circle at $D$ and a tangent through $D$ cuts $AC$ and $BC$ at $E$ and $F$.

What is the relationship between area of $ADBO$ and the areas of $ABO$ and $ACBO$?