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First Forward Into Logo 1: Square Five

A Short introduction to using Logo. This is the first in a twelve part series.

LOGO Challenge 1 - Star Square

Can you use LOGO to create this star pattern made from squares. Only basic LOGO knowledge needed.

LOGO Challenge 5 - Patch

Using LOGO, can you construct elegant procedures that will draw this family of 'floor coverings'?

LOGO Challenge - Following On

Age 11 to 18
Challenge Level

The principal argument for using LOGO in classrooms is the development of logical thinking and sharper learning skills. Using procedures allows the user to break down a major task into smaller units. Using turtle geometry in particular offers a wealth of possibilities for the user to explore smaller units and plan logical experiments. In doing so the user can see the effects of their reasoning in what the turtle does.

So the invitation is, as always, to explore...

Look carefully at the basic unit in each design...

n.b. The numbers 1.61803 and 0.61803 may help you.

Squares in squares

Triangles in triangles