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World of Tan 18 - Soup

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

This activity follows on from World of Tan 17 - Weather .

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Mai Ling and Chi Wing are about to take their lunch break. Some broth has been simmering on the stove in the kitchen. A warm, delicious smell wafts through the work room. The others have gone back to work having taken their lunch somewhat earlier.

Mai Ling: The lads have certainly left us a fair amount for our lunch. Don't they like broth?

Chi Wing: They don't appreciate traditional fare, much preferring something quick and easy.

ML: The sandwich has a lot to answer for! And such a fuss to prepare in the morning or last thing at night.

CW: Yes, how much easier to put the broth pot on - in with the lentils, vegetables, meat or fish add the water and slowly simmer away all morning.

ML: It's the vegetables isn't it? The lads don't like the vegetables.

CW: Youngsters seldom do, that is apart from Little Ming and Fung.

ML: Yes Granma T has educated their palate well. C'mon Chi Wing pass your mug - the broth is ready.

CW: You did that well. I'd say we've just about got the same amount of broth. Do you do it by eye?

ML: Practice, I suppose, there is more left when you have finished that lot.

CW: Um.. yes okay but I would be worried about giving fair shares.

ML: Eat up! We'll worry about that later.


ML: You want some more?

CW: Oh yes, so warm, so filling but let me pour and see if I can get it right for the pair of us. You do want more?

ML: Oh yes...but stop I have much more than you!

CW: It really is not that easy to give two equal helpings. Would it be hygienic to try it all over again?

ML: Of course. Pour it all back into the pan if you must. Now, choose a level in the mugs - say up to the handle and pour to that level.

CW: And with what is left in the pan I could keep topping up each mug in turn. Oh it is easy now... I have just never given it much thought before and living on your own......

ML: Yes but just suppose our mugs had been of different shapes? What then my old friend? How would you give me fair shares then?

In the meantime while thinking about what Chi Wing would do, you might like to complete the silhouettes of Chi Wing and Mai Ling eating their soup.

There are some more activities in the notes , and the story continues in World of Tan 19 - Working Men .