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World of Tan 17 - Weather

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

This activity follows on from World of Tan 16 - Time Flies .

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Little Ming and Little Fung suddenly burst in on Granma T who was dozing in front of the fire.

Little Ming: Granma T, granma T! We' ve just been listening to the World News on the television outside the cafe. It said that the UK has had the wettest January and February since records began.

Little Fung: There are pictures of floods all over England. Some in a place called Kent. And some around Cambridge.

LM: And York

LF: And in Glow cess shire I think that is what they said.

LM: There are 48 flood warning on rivers in Britain. Water is everywhere. Running into people's homes and businesses!

LF: We've seen cars and vans stranded in what look like lakes and ponds.

LM: Their meadows and pastures are are now just like ourpaddy fields.

LF: But animals are stranded and they say that all the crops are lost. Can this be true? Isn't water good for plants?

LM: One man was rowing out to rescue some sheep that were on some higher ground.

LF: People where actually going down the streets where they lived in small boats. Firemen were helping older people in and out of their windows.

LM: Some old people would not leave their houses - they said it was safer at home, they did not want to be burgled!

LF: Some children were trying to cycle through the floods in one village and getting the police there very very annoyed.

LM: There was one incredible picture - it showed a railway station but you could not see the train lines it looked just like the canal down by Huang Ti's hardware store.

LF: But you won't believe this Granma. If it is bad in the British Isles in Siberia it is worse, the temperature has fallen to MINUS fifty degrees.

LM: There the animals are dying and people are struggling to keep warm and burning their furniture.

LF: And, and in Antartica they have just found a salt water pond that does not freeze over at all!

LM: Phew, thank goodness our weather changes almost every twenty minutes.

Granma T: When you two have finally FINISHED... GO and get ready for bed!

In the meantime, complete the silhouettes of a watering can and of a man rescuing one of his sheep. There are some more activities in the notes , and the story continues in World of Tan 18 - Soup .