World of Tan 15 - Millennia

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2 might like to:
  • Complete the silhouettes of the workmen who had been called 'The Los Amigos' by Leone and Leo...
  • Decide which silhouette is Chi Wing's, Wai Ping's and Wah Ming's.
  • Search the Internet for details about the start of the New Year - the year of the Snake. Research the different dynasties - how many have there been? How long did each last?
  • Try to find out more about Chinese numbers - how they are written and what they are called.
Parents you might like to:
  • Find out about Tsao Wang, the Kitchen God and what relevance this has for the Chinese community.
  • Find out how local communities are celebrating the Year of the Snake. Explain the phrase "...what is the betting..." and try to build up the idea of what could represent a safe bet or risky bet or those in between.
  • Help decide on when the new millennium did actually start.
Teachers you might like to:
  • Explore how the Chinese write and say their larger numbers as well as use them arithmetically.
  • Consider the different ways the silhouettes could be assigned to the three workmen? To all those who work at Grandma T's?
  • Rehearse the arguments used for deciding when the Western millennium actually began.
  • Consider which dynasties occurred in which millennia and what they are renowned for.
  • Build up the vocabulary of things singular/ things plural, for example, millennium/ millennia; cactus/ cacti; etc. Or consider how some nouns change to become adjectives - millennium/ millennial; cactus/ cactaceous.