World of Tan 8 - Sports Car

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2
Children you may like to:
  • See if you have lived a million seconds.
  • Estimate then work out how long it will take your heart to beat a million times.
  • Investigate a number much bigger than a million - a googol. Find how big is it? Find who invented it? What other number is related to it? ..
Parents you may like to help children:
  • Explore the difference between a milliard, a million, billion, trillion....
  • Find examples of very large numbers used every day .
  • By showing them things in the home that you have 'millions' of.
  • By listing the words associated with elation and other emotions.
Teachers you may like to help children:
  • Explore the idea of representing a million.
  • Find which historical figures were alive a million days ago?
  • Consider how long there has been life on Earth.
  • Find how far a million pennies would reach when laid out end to end.
  • Find how tall a pile one million pounds would be. Would piles of £10 notes differ from 20's or 50's or 5's for that matter?
  • Find or invent other words used to denote size - e.g humungous, squillions.
  • Explore what they would do if they became 'millionaires' overnight.
  • Design and construct an appropriate ransom note for the plaque.