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World of Tan 3 - Mai Ling

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

This is a continuation of World of Tan 2 - Little Ming .

[ An overheard telephone conversation ]

"Good morning - GT's removals, Mai Ling speaking.

How can I help you?

Oh! You want to know who I am?

Oh. Well, I am the personal assistant to Granma T.

I run her office, formalise all the necessary arrangements, manage the workforce and do all the accounts on that old machine with the beads on.

I also child mind those two mischievous scamps - Little Ming and Little Fung, though they are not so little!

How old am I?

Oh dear, I am not the oldest here. Numerically, I am one more than a prime, the number has eight divisors and three prime factors. So there!

Anyway enough of me. I will get Granma T to speak to you...please hold.......

........while you wait perhaps you should er.......

complete my silhouette.
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Please see to enable it.

Can you work out how old I am?

The story continues in World of Tan 4 - Monday Morning .