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World of Tan 2 - Little Ming

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

World of Tan began with World of Tan 1 - Granma T .

Little Ming


I am Little Ming, here is my sister Little Fung.

Did you manage to guess our names?

I am 12 years of age. I was born in 1987 in the year of the Hare. Little Fung is two years younger, born in the year of the Snake.

We help Granma T, both at home and here with her business.

She says "We hinder."

But, you know how Grandmothers are.

Only last week when we told her that to make deliveries to four different stores, the journey could be done in 24 different ways!

She was not impressed. I don't think she believed us. However, enough about us.....

Can you complete my silhouette and that of Little Fung? Use the interactivities below.

Do you know about the animals that are used to describe the different years in our calendar? Do you know when our New Year starts? In the year of the Dragon, how old could I have been? How old will I be? How many different words can you find that are associated with time and calendars? How many different types of calendar are there?

Was I correct about the 24 different ways of visiting the four shops? What about 3 shops? 5 shops?

Below are just some of the guesses that arrived earlier about Granma T's age. In how many different ways can you represent them?

50, 32, 82, 34, 67, 68, 90 47, 41, 64, 82, 32, 55, 87, 44, 86, 87, 30, 44, 27, 42, 84, 93, 73 56, 64, 37, 52, 45, 69, 88, 78, 44, 34, 67, 98, 82, 94, 73, 28 67, 96, 21, 100, 58, 46, 39, 82, 45, 63, 91, 116, 81, 57, 48, 78, 52, 112, 89, 28, 50, 38, 110, 86, 91, 33, 56, 91, 89, 67, 38.

What else can you say about these numbers?

Printable NRICH Roadshow resource.

The story continues in World of Tan 3 - Mai Ling.