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World of Tan 1 - Granma T

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

Hello, I am Granma T.

I am almost the last surviving member of the Tan dynasty, here in the Far East.

I am an elderly business woman living here in the Ole'wey province of southern China.

My business is Removals !

Naturally I can't do this on my own.

Help to run this enterprise comes from my two grandchildren, three workmen and a personal assistant. All of whom you will meet later when you join us on several adventures in the months to come.

As you can see there are seven of us, just as there are seven pieces in the ancient puzzle from the Orient, shown here...


For now, you might like to...

a) complete my silhouette using the seven pieces from the old tangram with the interactivity below..

b) complete the logo of my removal firm using the interactivity below.

Find out more about my removals business in World of Tan 2 - Little Ming .