Rich Mathematics

Age 3 to 18
Article by NRICH team

Published July 2019.

Rich mathematics offers opportunities for students to be creative and curious, through:
• exploring and noticing
• asking their own questions and conjecturing
• visualising and representing
• reasoning, justifying and proving.

Rich mathematics is more than just ‘absorbing’ a static body of knowledge. In the classroom, rich mathematics manifests itself when we model mathematical thinking so that children can appreciate and experience what it is like to be a mathematician. Rich classrooms are communities; they value imagination and curiosity; and they encourage collaboration and questioning.

Mathematics should be an adventure, whether working through a problem to find solutions in creative ways, or taking time to explore connections between mathematical ideas. By teaching mathematics in a rich way, we develop confident critical thinkers who can apply their knowledge beyond the original context, and have a life-long positive attitude to mathematics. NRICH is committed to giving all learners the opportunity to experience a rich mathematical education.