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A game somewhat similar to 'noughts and crosses' on a much larger space.

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Two Stones

This game is known as Pong hau k'i in China and Ou-moul-ko-no in Korea. Find a friend to play or try the interactive version online.

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This Chinese game for two players is a simple version of Wei ch'i or Go. Each player has 20 distinctive pieces - try coins, pebbles, shells. You could try marking the board out in wet sand.

Alquerque II

Age 5 to 7 Challenge Level:

This game is a variant on the game Alquerque.


  1. The pieces move from any point to any adjacent point along a line.
  2. If an adjacent place is occupied by an opponent's piece and the next point beyond is empty, then the player can capture the opponent's piece by jumping over it and remove it from the board.
  3. If another piece is then at risk, it is taken in the same move by jumping over it, a change of direction being allowed. The second capture must be made by the same piece as the first.
  4. If a piece can make a capture, it must do so. If no capture is made when one can be, ALL pieces which could have made a capture are 'huffed' or removed from the board.

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To play the game, choose whether you would like to play against the computer or play both sides yourself by selecting an option from the menu on the lower right. Red then moves first. If a player captures another piece, the player will have the option to end the turn by clicking the Done button. If, at the end of the turn, a player could have made a capture, all pieces which could have made captures are removed from the board.