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Coordinate Cunning

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

This month's game is linked with our World of Tan. It is a game for two players. Little Ming and Little Fung are here to explain how to play:

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Little Ming: Together, decide where to place the origin (0,0). It can be on any of the points on the board.

Little Fung: Next, choose who will be blue and who will be red.

Little Ming: Blue goes first and chooses a point. Blue has to write down the coordinates of the point in relation to the origin.

Little Fung: If you get the coordinates of the point wrong, you don't get that point.

Little Ming: And it becomes Red's go.

Little Fung: Red chooses a point and gives its coordinates.

Little Ming: You then take it turns to go...

Little Fung: ...Until one person has four dots in line of their colour!