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Domino Square

Use the 'double-3 down' dominoes to make a square so that each side has eight dots.

4 Dom

Use these four dominoes to make a square that has the same number of dots on each side.

The Puzzling Sweet Shop

There were chews for 2p, mini eggs for 3p, Chocko bars for 5p and lollypops for 7p in the sweet shop. What could each of the children buy with their money?

A Shapely Network

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

A Shapely Network

Look at the network of shapes below:

Your challenge is to find the longest way through the network following this rule:

You can start and finish anywhere, and with any shape, as long as you follow the correct order. You may only visit each shape once but you do not have to visit them all.

Why do this problem?

This problem challenges children to work logically and systematically. They will need to keep the criteria in mind and may start by using trial and improvement.

Key questions

Where would be a good place to start?
What always follows that shape?
How will you keep track of your route?

Possible extension

Children could try Delia's Routes next.

Possible support

Having a print-out of the grid will help many children.