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Plates of Biscuits

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

There are $12$ plates of biscuits with $3$ identical biscuits on each plate.

2 plates of biscuits with three identical biscuits on each plate: Almond fingers, Bourbon, Choc chip, Digestive, Easter biscuits, Fig rolls, Jammy dodgers, Kiwi cookies, Lemon puffs.

(They are named simply to help identify them by a letter!)

Can you rearrange the biscuits on the plates so that

  1. The $3$ biscuits on each plate are all different
  2. There is no plate with two biscuits the same as two biscuits on another plate?

For example, if you have one plate of 'A, D and F' then you cannot have another with both 'A and D' or 'A and F' or 'D and F'.