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Prompt Cards

These two group activities use mathematical reasoning - one is numerical, one geometric.

Exploring Wild & Wonderful Number Patterns

EWWNP means Exploring Wild and Wonderful Number Patterns Created by Yourself! Investigate what happens if we create number patterns using some simple rules.


Place this "worm" on the 100 square and find the total of the four squares it covers. Keeping its head in the same place, what other totals can you make?

Sums and Differences 2

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:
Begin by finding the sum and difference of the numbers you have chosen.
Then find the sum and difference of the new numbers.

It might be helpful to record your findings in a table like this:

1st number 2nd number Sum Difference Sum Difference
24 31 55 7 62 48
14 20 34 6 40 28

Look carefully across each row. Can you see a pattern?