Advanced Problem Solving Module 6

Advanced Problem Solving module 6

Working through this module will help you to consolidate your existing knowledge before extending your thinking. For more details about the Advanced Problem Solving programme, READ THIS.

One important mathematical technique that can be really useful in solving STEP and other advanced mathematics examinations questions is being able to spot a clever substitution. The right substitution can make an equation or integral that seems intractable at first glance into something straightforward to solve. This collection of problems and articles showcase the technique of the clever substitution.
Step back and reflect! This article reviews techniques such as substitution and change of coordinates which enable us to exploit underlying structures to crack problems.

Agile Algebra 

Age 16 to 18 Challenge Level:
Observe symmetries and engage the power of substitution to solve complicated equations.

Symmetrically So 

Age 16 to 18 Challenge Level:
Exploit the symmetry and turn this quartic into a quadratic.