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Picturing the World

Stage: 3 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1
Thanks to the Year 7 All Stars from Burnt Mill Academy for their solution:

If England was a village of 100 people, 8 children would go to school.

59 people would be Christian, 5 people would be Muslims, 2 people would be Hindus, 24 people would not be religious, and 3 people would be of other religions.

1 person would be Irish and 1 person would be Polish. 13 would live in London.
48 people would be employed. 16 people would be retired. 19 people would be on benefits. 63 people would be old enough to drive and 52 people would have a driving licence.

Maisy sent us a video representing social media use in the UK using pasta.

I decided to represent the UK in pasta - to show how many people are on four main social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest).